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At Braided Dalea, we are driven by our passion for farming and our unwavering commitment to the planet. Our diverse range of organic products includes delicious strawberries, juicy raspberries, tangy rhubarb, crisp asparagus, vibrant cut flowers, delectable pastured pork, and delightful free-range eggs.


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Why did we choose this path? We believe that sustainable agriculture is not just a necessity but a responsibility. We understand that farming practices can have a profound impact on the environment, and we aim to lead by example, showcasing how food can be grown in a way that is both nourishing for the planet and beneficial for our well-being. Our mission at Braided Dalea is to lead by example, demonstrating to future farmers how to grow food in a way that is both beneficial for the planet and ourselves. We strive to create an ecologically minded farm, leaving a positive impact for generations to come.

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